FUNDRAISER for Maka’eo Beautification Project

Kona Commons supports the Maka’eo Project by including us in their fundraiser.  The money collected from the selling of these coupons is 100% towards the project.
The Giving Pass has a $500 enter to win a Hawaiian Airlines gift certificate and other great door prizes. On the back is coupons to some of the stores and restaurants.
We are selling it for $5. We are down at the path on Thursdays 7am – 11am,  or you can reach us by phone at (808)329-5519.  Your Kokua is appreciated…

Soldiers Volunteer At Maka’eo Walking Path

The spirit of volunteerism, generosity and a can-do attitude was evident Sunday at Old Kona Airport Park and Kohanaiki, where roughly 45 soldiers from Schofield Barracks participated in various community service projects.Working in partnership with Friends for Fitness, The Rotary Club of Kona and The Rotary Club of Kona Sunrise, the soldiers removed rubble and rock from an anchialine pond near the southern end of the Makaeo Walking/Jogging Path. They also created additional walkways that interconnect with the path and go through planted areas.Kona Rotarians have been hard at work over the past couple months, restoring this old fishpond in honor of Francis Kuailani Sr., a retired Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park superintendent and longtime Rotarian who died in December. Rotarians felt bringing life back to this fragile and rare pond would be a fitting tribute to Kuailani, who was Native Hawaiian and passionate about the culture, said Renee Kraft, community service director for the Rotary Club of Kona.

A new Azumaya for the Maka’eo Path

Monday, July 12th, Shinto Priest Daizo Watanabe from Hilo honored the Friends for Fitness by coming to Kona and blessing our new Shinto building in the Maka’eo walking/jogging path. The “Shaden”  (shrine building)as it is called before the blessing, and “Azumaya” (small building) after the blessing, was donated by Carol Jean Nagrodsky Tamburo.  It was assembled at the path by Friends for Fitness, assisted by the Rotarians, under the direction of Ed Cochran.

Special guests of the Shinto religion who honored the occasion by attending the blessing were Hidetaka Sato, Tadao Sakamoto and Mioko Sakamoto of Mauka Kona.

Friends for Fitness members along with adoptees of the park were also in attendance. Path users also stopped by to witness the ceremony.

Our path is getting better and better all the time.