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Friends For Fitness

"The beauty in fitness starts with us."

Our Mission

Friends For Fitness West Hawaii Community Coalition began in 1992 to decrease the prevalence of the sedentary lifestyle and to improve the health of Hawaii residents.  Our mission is "to create a diverse, user friendly, beautiful recreation area at the Maka'eo Walking Path that promotes healthy lifestyles through community participation and collaboration." 

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Get Active at the

Maka'eo Walking Path

Old Kona Airport Recreation Area
7am - 7pm

The Maka'eo Walking Path consists of two paved asphalt loops (0.3 miles and 0.7 miles) that create a 1 mile walking and running path.  At the path's main entrance you'll find a small exercise pavilion, the small loop lawn, and the Maka'eo bulletin board showcase.  The showcase is updated monthly with health awareness information, path events, and fun facts.  The small exercise pavilion offers a stretching post, parallel bars, and pull up bars. 


At the north end of the path is the large lawn that hosts weekly physical activities like Karate and Tai Chi lessons.  On the south end of the path next to the Kailua Kona Skate Park is a large succulent garden that is cared for by our Thursday morning Friends For Fitness group.  As you make your way around the path you'll find an achialine pond amongst the pathway's colorful gardens that are cared for by volunteers seeking a physically active lifestyle.

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Who We Are

Just like you, we are hard-working people of the Kona community.  We volunteer our free time to care for the Maka'eo Walking Path at the Old Kona Airport Recreation Area.  We believe in living a healthy lifestyle and strive to provide our community with a beautiful place to do that.

Friends For Fitness is always open to new people willing to help out, volunteer, adopt a garden, or care for our community area.

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