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So Many Ways To Volunteer

Volunteer Waiver

All volunteers and participants must fill out a Volunteer Participation Liability Waiver before any work begins.

Read and fill out the waiver, then print it and bring it with you to the path or email it to

Thursday Mornings

Thursday Morning Group

8:30am -11:30am

The Thursday Morning Group consists mostly of long-term Friends For Fitness volunteers and patrons, but we encourage everyone to join!  Lend a hand landscaping, watering, & maintaining garden areas. Meet new people or spend time with friends you know and love!  At 11:30am we gather at the picnic tables for a small lunch and conversation.

Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area

Maka'eo Walking & Jogging Path


Our Adopt-A-Park Program (Adopt-A-Garden) provides opportunity for individuals or groups to get involved with our organization's mission to live a healthy lifestyle though community participation and collaboration. Adopting a garden provides social opportunities while being active at your own pace.


At Friends For Fitness, we offer inspirational support and encouragement in striving for active lifestyles.  We know what it's like to live with health conditions ourselves and understand that through social interaction, physical fitness, and the great outdoors we can achieve healthier lifestyles.


The Adopt-A-Park Program requires weeding, watering, landscaping, and regular maintenance of an individual's garden area while having fun!

Check back soon for our interactive map and available garden areas.

How To Adopt-A-Garden

Please fill out and submit the Adopt-A-Park Program Guidelines.

We will contact you soon, view available garden areas, and get you on your way!

See you around the path!

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