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Maka'eo Walking & Jogging Path

Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area

Open 7am-8pm

The Maka'eo Walking & Jogging Path is located within the Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area. Friends For Fitness has cared for the landscaping, maintenance, and development of the Maka'eo Walking & Jogging Path for over 24 years. All work performed is volunteer and funding is provided through donations, grants, and community efforts.

Maka'eo Amenities

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  • ​0.7 Mile Asphalt Loop

  • 0.3 Mile Asphalt Loop (Together totaling 1 mile)

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Exercise Pavilion
  • Stretching post​

  • Parallel bars

  • Pull-up bars

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  • Small Lawn

  • Elevated grass stage for community events

  • Large Lawn (North end of walking path)

  • Independent Tai-Chi & Karate Lessons

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Anchialine Ponds
  • Large Anchialine Pond along pathway

  • Small Anchialine Pond in Succulent Garden

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  • Gardens are maintained by Friends For Fitness Volunteers & Garden Adoptees

  • Succulent Garden (South end of path)

  • Creative Arts Garden (Currently underway)

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Scenic Area
  • Colorful Gardens

  • Hualalai Volcano Views

  • Kailua Beach

  • Old Kona Airport Runway

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