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Maka'eo Walking & Jogging Path

Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area

Open 7am-8pm

The Maka'eo Walking & Jogging Path is located within the Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area. Friends For Fitness has cared for the landscaping, maintenance, and development of the Maka'eo Walking & Jogging Path for over 24 years. All work performed is volunteer and funding is provided through donations, grants, and community efforts.


Gather your friends and family for a walk through a winter wonderland at Maka’eo Walking Path throughout the month of December 2023! The holiday displays have been created and donated by our local businesses and organizations! Scan the QR Code at the pathway entrance and walk along to some of your favorite holiday music while taking in the winter wonderland.*

We invite all local businesses, organizations, groups, and Friends For Fitness Volunteers to register for this event and create a (Christmas themed) holiday display to set up at the Maka’eo Walking Path for the month of December.  All month long!

Maka'eo Walking Path WATCH


If you see something, say something.  This is how we have improved safety at Maka'eo Walking Path & Gardens over the past year.  Call the Kona non-emergency police number (808-935-3311) or 911 for emergencies.

Walking your dog is a great way for you and your fur to be healthy and active, but dogs are unfortunately not allowed at Maka'eo. Maka'eo Walking Path is part of Old Airport State Recreation Area and is governed by State Park Laws and Regulations and Hawaii Revised Statutes. Friends For Fitness must abide by these laws and regulations for our organization's management area.  Please contact Parks & Recreation for details.

Together we can make Old A a safe, comfortable, drug free state park for the active community and public recreation!

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Maka'eo Amenities

FFF Icon 2023_1.png
  • ​0.7 Mile Asphalt Loop

  • 0.3 Mile Asphalt Loop (Together totaling 1 mile)

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Exercise Pavilion
  • Stretching post​

  • Parallel bars

  • Pull-up bars

FFF Icon 2023_6.png
  • Small Lawn

  • Elevated grass stage for community events

  • Large Lawn (North end of walking path)

  • Independent Tai-Chi & Karate Lessons

FFF Icon 2023_4.png
Anchialine Ponds
  • Large Anchialine Pond along pathway

  • Small Anchialine Pond in Succulent Garden

FFF Icon 2023_5.png
  • Gardens are maintained by Friends For Fitness Volunteers & Garden Adoptees

  • Succulent Garden (South end of path)

  • Creative Arts Garden (Currently underway)

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Scenic Area
  • Colorful Gardens

  • Hualalai Volcano Views

  • Kailua Beach

  • Old Kona Airport Runway

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