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A new Azumaya for the Maka’eo Path

Monday, July 12th, Shinto Priest Daizo Watanabe from Hilo honored the Friends for Fitness by coming to Kona and blessing our new Shinto building in the Maka’eo walking/jogging path. The “Shaden” (shrine building)as it is called before the blessing, and “Azumaya” (small building) after the blessing, was donated by Carol Jean Nagrodsky Tamburo. It was assembled at the path by Friends for Fitness, assisted by the Rotarians, under the direction of Ed Cochran. Special guests of the Shinto religion who honored the occasion by attending the blessing were Hidetaka Sato, Tadao Sakamoto and Mioko Sakamoto of Mauka Kona. Friends for Fitness members along with adoptees of the park were also in attendance. Path users also stopped by to witness the ceremony. Our path is getting better and better all the time.

Original post by Sheila Colon.



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